Black Bow Necklace
Black Bow Necklace

Black Bow Necklace

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ZEYNEP KOLYE is an exclusive bow tie necklace from the RITA IN PALMA collection. It is handmade in Berlin-Neukölln!

The necklace shows a thin crocheted bow, which is the perfect kinky match to a man`s bow tie. The chain is made of brass, silver plated.

40cm plus 5cm extra length.

100% Nylon yarn.

Handwash only.

Every piece is handmade and therefore unique.
All RITA IN PALMA products come with beautiful packaging - ready to give away for a beloved person.

Handmade in Berlin-NeuköllnRITA IN PALMA works together with very talented Turkish women. The label uses their talent to create unique products and in return offers the women a good payed job and consequently a way out of long-term unemployment.
Therefore RITA IN PALMA is the first label to combine high fashion designs with integrative work. This special connection led to the foundation of Ritas Häkelclub e.V., a charitable organization, that aims to support the women by e.g. sponsoring German courses.