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Treffen Sie uns persönlich - Meet us

Unser Laden hat wieder geöffnet! Um die neuen Regelungen zu erfüllen und die Ansteckungsgefahr einzudämmen dürfen maximal 4 Personen mit Maske den Laden gemeinsam betreten.

Our shop is open again! To comply with the new regulations and to reduce the risk of infection, only 4 persons are allowed to enter the shop together with face masks.

Apart from our own fashion you can find in our store Linie Clara Kaesdorf also jewelry, accessories and furniture by selected upcoming designers.
The aim is to support not yet well-known brands to show their designers works. As it is quite difficult for young designers to sell their pieces in central located stores and as most of them can not afford an own store in the areas where the right people cross, Linie Clara Kaesdorf wants to fill that gap for both, designers and their clients. For the customers our store is a welcome alternative to the mainstream most boutiques offer. They can be sure that their loved products will not be found all over the city. Most of the exhibiting designers are producing in such small amounts that individualisations are more than welcome.

Showroom - Store in Berlin
Linie Clara Kaesdorf
Linienstraße 114
10115 Berlin

Mo, Di, Do, Fr: 11-19
Mi: 11-17:30
Sa: 11-17

Opening Hours
Mo, Tue, Thu, Fri: 11am - 7 pm
Wed: 11am - 5 pm
Sat: 11am - 5 pm

A small selection of the young designers jewelry and accessories you can find in our store